Young People Friendly Accreditation

Young Person Friendly
"Young People Friendly" is an accreditation of local health services, which means they have been assessed as easier for young people to find and use. If you see the logo for Young People Friendly (above), it means the service and the staff have been accredited, independently, as being especially suitable and welcoming for people under 25. Assessed services include Castle Circus Health Centre, TIC TAC (both sites) and some GP Practices across the Bay.
The YPF accreditation includes things like making sure the clinic time is young person friendly, (ie) appointment times are available after 3.30pm or Saturday mornings. It includes making sure the clinic building is accessible to young people (ie) in the centre of town, or on a school site. It also means that any information the clinic gives out (verbally, online or as leaflets) has been specifically designed to engage young people. These are all things that young people have told us are important to them.
Of course, we think that all of TSMS' staff are non-judgemental and welcoming, whether they have the accreditation yet, or not. However, the Young Person Friendly accreditation is to make sure that every young person in Torbay can be extra confident that they will be respected and treated with dignity, when they ring or come in to see us, and that the confidentiality of their visit will be completely guaranteed.
Look out for the YPF logo at sites across Torbay and within this website.
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