Sex and Alcohol

Sex and alcohol don’t mix well.  The reason for saying this is that alcohol reduces the ability to make good decisions.  When we’ve had a few drinks, we can often regret the decisions we made in the spur of the moment, because they can have lasting consequences for us, like an STI or an unwanted pregnancy.
  1. Nearly half of all cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are caught through drunken sex.  Perhaps this is because it becomes much more difficult to remember to use a condom when you’re had a few drinks, and it’s also much more difficult to use a condom properly!   Remember!  Condoms are the only contraceptive method which prevents STIs as well as unwanted pregnancy, so, before you go out, or start drinking, make sure you have at least one condom with you.  Visit Aquarius - Sexually Transmitted Infections opens in a new window for more information.  If you think you’ve had unprotected sex, talk to a member of TSMS, free of charge, to see what you can do Contact Us.  Most STIs are easily cleared with a course of antibiotics.  Our main number is 01803 656500.

  2. Drinking alcohol reduces your inhibitions.  This means that after a few drinks, you start to lose sight of the consequences of some of your actions, and act in a way that you wouldn’t normally do.  For instance, after a few drinks, it might seem like a good idea to walk home alone late at night, or even to invite someone into your home when you don’t know them very well.  When you make these kinds of risky decisions, there is a risk to you of sexual assault, or rape.  For some tips on staying safe when drinking visit Look Out for Your Mates opens in a new window.

  3. Alcohol affects your sex life.  For example, men who have been binge drinking, often find it difficult to get an erection and maintain it.  The use of alcohol can also mean that making it clear what you want to do – or not do – during sex is compromised.   For sex to be healthy, what you do – and don’t do – has to be agreed by both partners.  See what we mean by ‘be healthy’.  Remember, sex should always be with your consent.  This means that no one has the right to have sex with you if you are unable to agree to having it.  If you are concerned that this has happened to you, speak with your GP or ring the TSMS team on 01803 656500.
Alcohol and Sexual Assault
Studies have shown that 1 in 3 of all sexual assaults have taken place when the offender has been under the influence of alcohol opens in a new window.  Be careful choosing who you drink with, and make sure you know and trust the people you go home with.
If someone you live with drinks alcohol, and behaves in an unacceptable way toward you, you should speak to your GP or a health/education professional, like a youth worker, teacher or nurse.  Alternatively, you can speak in confidence opens in a new window to a member of the TSMS team for advice and support.  No professional who you choose to speak to will judge you, but they will listen and help you decide what you might want to do.
If you’re concerned that your relationship with a friend (or girlfriend or boyfriend) is difficult, there are some things you might want to know at This is ABUSE opens in a new window.
Remember, if you’re in an emergency situation and you need immediate help, you should call the Police on 999 without delay.  
If you want to report a crime that has taken place against you in the past, you can speak to the Police on their non-emergency number on 101.  Alternatively you can speak with your GP or TSMS team on 01803 656500.
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