Contraceptive Implant

The implant is a small (40mm), flexible tube containing progestogen. The implant is inserted under the skin of your upper arm by a trained professional, and it lasts for three years.
You can have the implant removed at any time, and your natural fertility will return very quickly. This means that once the implant is removed, you could get pregnant as easily as if you'd never had the implant.
The implant stops the release of an egg from the ovary by slowly releasing progestogen into your body. It thickens the cervical mucus and thins the womb lining. This makes it harder for sperm to move through your cervix, and less likely for your womb to accept a fertilised egg.
If implanted correctly, it's more than 99.9% effective.
It's very useful for women who know they don't want to get pregnant for a while. Once the implant is in place, you don't have to think about contraception for three years. It can also be useful for women who can't use contraception that contains oestrogen or who find it difficult to take a pill at the same time every day.
The implant is not affected by other medications and if you do suffer any side effects, you can have it taken out.
When the implant is first put in, you may feel some bruising, tenderness or swelling. Have the implant can make your periods become irregular, lighter, heavier or longer but this does usually settles down after the first year.
A common side effect of the implant is that your periods stop (amenorrhoea). It's not harmful, but you may want to consider this before deciding to have an implant.
Using condoms as well as the implant, is the only way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
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