Chlamydia Testing

Chlamydia is the most commonly transmitted sexual infection for people under 25 years of age, no matter whether they are straight, gay or bisexual.
It is contracted through sexual intercourse, vaginal, oral, and anal sex.
It is sometimes known as a silent infection as it often doesn't present any symptoms. If left untreated it can lead to a number of nasty things like ectopic pregnancy, infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, as well as arthritis.  The good news is that once Chlamydia has been detected, it can be treated with a course of antibiotics.
The best way to protect yourself from Chlamydia is to practice safer sex. Using condoms, and getting yourself regularly tested, especially following a partner change are all ways to have safer sex.
If you are 13-25 years old you can become part of the C-card scheme which provides you with access to free condoms throughout Torbay. Alternatively you can buy condoms in all pharmacies and supermarkets.


There is a simple and effective test for Chlamydia. If you are under 25 you can order a free home testing kit at:
There is also a range of locations throughout Torbay where free and confidential chlamydia testing is available including:
You can choose how you wish to receive your results by text, phone, email, letter or in person. Result can take up to 14 days and depending on your result you will be informed about the treatment process. Our confidentiality agreement says that whatever way you get your test results, they won't be discussed with anyone except you. This means that your GP will not be informed of your Chlamydia test and it won't go in your GP's notes.
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