Are You Ready?

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to have sex, even if you’ve had sex before.
But if you are thinking about having sex, it’s worth double checking whether you’re Ready or Not?
Some of the things you can consider before you decide to have sex are:
Sex is not the only way to express your feelings for another person.  There are a hundred and one different ways!  See how many you can tick off on the 101 Ways Leaflet.
A recent survey among young people, their parents/carers and teachers showed the following surprising results!  
This means that – despite what you might think – most people wait until they are over 16 before starting to have sex.  Overhearing other people’s conversations can often make you think that all of your friends are having sex and this can put pressure on you to start having sex too.  But starting to have sex earlier than you’re ready, can sometimes lead to feelings of regret.  
Sex should be enjoyable, safe and fun: this is what makes sex healthy.  But if you feel that any of these things are missing, you should maybe talk it over with someone you trust.  For some people, that means they can discuss their sex life with their parents, or an older brother or sister. For others, they prefer to see a professional and this can include a teacher, the school nurse or perhaps a member of Torbay Sexual Medicine Services.   Don’t forget that any professional you speak to about your sexual health will keep your conversation confidential and won’t share it with your family or with another health professional without your say-so.
If you’ve asked yourself the questions above, and you decide you are ready to start having sex, you should make sure that it’s healthy sex you have.  
By healthy, we mean:
To talk confidentially to a member of the young people’s services in Torbay see our Contact Us page.
For more information to help you explore if you feel ready for sex, the NHS Choices: Are you ready for sex? opens in a new window pages can help.
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